Birdman, Whiplash, Big Hero 6 top iTunes weekly downloads

During the second week of March, iTunes saw three major Academy Award nominees (and winners) atop the list of their top downloads.

In third place, Birdman, the best picture winner, follows the life of a washed up action star trying to make it in an off Broadway play that he has adapted from a novel, directs and stars in, all against the best wishes of his internal monologue, which keeps recommending he return to his roots to make one big splash in a Birdman sequel. Definitely deserving of its win for best picture, this movie was a bit weirder for most audiences, but was an absolutely phenomenal film, especially its unique directing.

In second place was Whiplash, following the trials between a first year drum student at a prime music school and an extremely demanding teacher. The film’s depth of characters made this one an absolute must watch, and without spoiling anything, the final scene of this movie is one for the ages.

big hero six itunes

The top downloaded movie of the week was Big Hero 6. Another quality Pixar production, Big Hero 6 follows a lovable inflatable robot and its child prodigy owner as they form a high tech group of heroes. Baymax and Hiro (get it?) have an adorable chemistry that make this a great movie for both kids and adults alike.