Apple TV 4th Generation Releases Pre-Order Option Today

Can’t stand having a one generation old Apple device? Completely understandable.

Apple has some big plans with their Apple TV devices, and have just made their newest iteration available for pre-order via their website.

The 4th generation Apple TV has placed a major focus on third party app integration, opening up the ecosystem for more development on the platform similar to that of the iOS devices. This move should push Apple TV into a massive marketplace for third party app development which could certainly work to reshape the entertainment device landscape in the coming years.

However, Apple was unable to ship everything they were hoping. The new device intended to bring live streaming of of local broadcast channels across the entire device network. So for example, if one was hoping to stream local news from their NBC affiliate via Apple TV, the plan was to make it so Apple TV could do that. However, because of the complications in agreeing to terms with hundreds of individual network affiliates, Apple TV had to push the release of such functionality.

Regardless, the increased app functionality baked into the new Apple TV has made for some exciting developments, and giving a lot more flexibility to the marketplace to build on top of the platform.

Some other fun new functionality includes an updated remote, an improved Siri experience and a major gaming marketplace.