Apple Launching Streaming Service – Is It Too Little Too Late?

While this headline might have been breaking news in 2012, Apple has announced official plans to launch their own TV and movie streaming service.

The plan will sit somewhere between the upcoming Disney+ and Netflix when it comes to price, and plans on launching with a handful of original shows and movies, and of course a company with one of the biggest piles of cash to have ever existed.

But does anyone care anymore? Disney made waves last year announcing their upcoming service, and of course there have been dozens if not hundreds of other services launching over the past several years.

Apple feels behind the times here, and with the constant delays and shifts in direction, it’s hard to say that this will be anything more than a peripheral thought for the technology company. 

While of course we’re willing to give any streaming service a quick look, our excitement for Apple’s own service has dwindled over the past several years, and we’re not super confident that excitement will come back.

Despite the fact that Apple TV is our favorite streaming device, we’re already inundated with other services, and a launch so close to Disney’s is going to make for a competitive launch landscape.