Amazon Instant Video’s Transparent second season coming 2015

Amazon Instant Video’s critically acclaimed original series Transparent is slated for a second season release sometime this year and we couldn’t be more excited.

The show, originally rejected by Netflix, caught many people off guard for its brilliantly clever and progressive writing, a major risk for one of Amazon Instant Video’s first forays into original content.

transparent season two premiere

Transparent follows a Los Angeles family as they grow to discover that their father is transgender. The risky premise certainly caused many content distribution channels to balk, but Amazon saw through the perceived controversy and gave this show a fair shake, only to have it pay off immensely. Many people now expect Amazon Instant Video to compete more directly with Netflix and HBO’s original content.

As more streaming services strive for original content, the ability to pick winners like this will become an extremely valuable skill. The network approach of buying pilots, limited runs and other cost-saving methods isn’t necessarily available to services like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu and others, as when content is purchased, it is for at least one full season. Perhaps as the tides of content shift more toward these streaming services, these types of negotiations might become more available.

Regardless, we’re excited that SOMEONE took the risk on Transparent and can’t wait to see the second season of this show.