Academy Award nominees Birdman and Whiplash available to stream on Vudu

For fans of movies with phenomenal drumming soundtracks…

Two movies that I probably wouldn’t have paid too much attention to given their initial previews not quite doing the films the slightest bit of justice.

But good thing I rarely give a movie much thought because of a preview (and naturally, it helps when thousands of people on the internet begin to rave about a film the night it premieres).

Vudu has both Birdman and Whiplash available for streaming now, so if you’re interested in seeing what all your friends and coworkers have been raving about, I highly suggest you give them a shot.

Birdman is probably one of the best directed movies of recent memory, as throughout the entire film it is nearly impossible to determine where each shot is cut. The entire movie feels as if it is one continuous shot, as when one conversation ends, the camera pans to another that picks the story right back up. This is definitely enough to warrant a viewing of the film, but that would certainly not be doing one of the greatest stories of the year any justice either. In other words, Birdman offers a complete package of great acting, a ridiculous yet believable story, one of the best sountracks of the year, and some occasional surprises.

Whiplash came across as even weaker from just its preview, but surprised me the most. Following a young student at an extremely exclusive music academy, we witness his humble beginnings as a year one student as he is handpicked by the academy’s premiere jazz instructor. Initially he seems friendly and welcoming, it only takes about 15 minutes in a practice to realize just how harsh this teacher is on his students. The last 20 minutes of this movie made for one of the best endings of any movie from last year.

Stream them both now instantly on Vudu, you definitely will no regret it.