Who are the Fine Bros and Why are YouTube Viewers So Upset at Them?

If you’ve spent any time watching random videos on YouTube over the past few years, there’s no doubt you’ve stumbled across a ‘Fine Bros’ video in YouTube’s recommended videos section.

They have got a massive audience growing their channel’s library creating videos of people reacting to any number of ‘flavor of the week’ or new technologies.

Here’s a great example, old people reacting to trying Netflix for the first time:

So who are the ‘Fine Bros’

Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine created the YouTube channel ‘Fine Brothers,’ and now have over 13 million current subscribers to their channel. Each one of their releases quickly spikes into the millions of views, meaning they’re both likely making plenty of money off of the channel. Good for them, right? Nothing wrong with some elbow grease building a massive audience and making a few bucks along the way.

The duo has surpassed over three billion total views on their channel, making them one of the top producers for the video site. They’ve also been doing this for a very long time as one of the earliest recognizable YouTube personalities.

Why are people angry at the ‘Fine Brothers?’

With major popularity comes copycats. Nothing new here, invent a better mouse trap and before you know it there are dozens of clones. Well as of late, apparently the duo is trying to trademark and license the right to use the term ‘react’ when it comes to making YouTube and other web videos.

In other words, they’d like to collect on their creation. Of course the internet, which gave Fine Brothers’ their own opportunity to get famous, isn’t happy about this at all. They’ve been losing thousands of subscribers each day, recently dropping below 14 million.

The brothers have tried to clarify recently that they won’t come after the revenue of the people who use the ‘React’ license, but this hasn’t yet appeased the angry internet mob.