Watch the Pluto Flyby Online

stream pluto flyby online

This might be one of the coolest things we’ll get to see online for quite some time.

NASA TV is currently live streaming the whole event, as New Horizons will be making a historic flyby of Pluto, and you can watch the entire thing online for free.

You can watch it on NASA’s website here for free, with interviews with the crew and team behind this massive undertaking.

Pluto TV has a convenient channel set up for those looking to quickly stream the event as well.

The first stream is likely to reach Earth at 8:53PM EST, so check back in at that point (or a littleĀ before) to see some historic live footage of the mission online.

This is the first time we’ll see such astonishing footage and photography of the dwarf planet as New Horizons will make its arranged flyby and then shoot off deeper into space assuming all goes well with this plan.

Interestingly, as between now and the stream, NASA has zero contact with New Horizons, meaning we’re not even 100% certain everything has gone well the last few hours. While the odds are pretty close to zero that anything has gone wrong, there has been commentary that even the smallest piece of space rock hitting the satellite could easily alter the mission.

Tune back in this evening for the exciting live stream!