Watch ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Online, All Three Seasons Streaming on Hulu

watch my mad fat diary online

Based on the book My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary by Rae Earl, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ had a very successful three season run, with critical acclaim and successful audience development.

The series follows a young girl after spending time in a mental hospital, returning back to her normal life reconnecting with her best friend. This friend has no idea of her previous stint in the mental hospital and is relatively unaware of her struggle with body image and mental health.

The series ended in 2015, and fans of the book in the US never really had a great option for streaming ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ online, at least until now. Hulu has picked up rights to stream all three season of the show, giving everyone with a subscription access to the series starting this weekend.

Streaming services as of late have been doing a great job buying up streaming rights of UK shows and distributing them in the US, most famously Netflix with their rights to stream ‘Black Mirror,’ Amazon arranging for the ‘Top Gear’ cast to stream a new show, and Hulu bringing ‘Moon Boy’ stateside.

All three seasons of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ are now streaming on Hulu. You can watch the show’s trailer below: