Watch ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Online Free Right Now


Fans of the CW series ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘ one of 2015’s breakout critical hits is now streaming completely free online, and here’s how you can get the entire first season without paying a cent.

The iTunes page for ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ has made the entire show free through their service, but what we’re not sure of is whether or not this is intentional marketing of the series or a mistake from the service.

You can see for yourself here, as far as we can tell this is only confirmed for US-based iTunes accounts, but we haven’t been able to confirm whether or not it’s free in other countries as well (so if you’re not in the US, please let us know in the comments).

Fans of other CW comedy shows fell instantly in love with this creative take on the ‘give it all up for love’ genre, with some of the most fun characters and dynamic directing we’ve seen from a romcom series in a long time.

The series got renewed for a second season, so you don’t have to worry about investing time in the first season only to see it go to waste. This series will be back later this year for round two and we can’t wait.

Watch the series ‘first look’ below: