Fan on Banshee’s crazy fight scenes? Maybe you’re waiting to watch much anticipated upcoming serials such The Sixth Family, Kingpin, Quarry, or Trial of Blood but you just don’t want to be tied down to the television to watch them, or you simply do not want to pay for cable.

There was a time when Cinemax along with HBO was on Netflix and Hulu. But that’s no longer the case because they were obviously not getting enough money.

I don’t blame you, I mean who in the world will want to pay over a hundred bucks just to watch one channel? But that’s where watching Cinemax online comes in!

When you watch online, you have the power to watch when you want, where you want and for how long. Fortunately, we know of some great places to go if you want to stream Cinemax online, and on the go.

Watch Cinemax Online with Max Go

This is the official Cinemax online streaming option for cable subscribers who have subscribed to the channel. They also have an easy to use app for the iPhone and Android devices. But obviously because you’re not into spending money on cable you don’t have a username and password, so you could always borrow it from friends and family members. But if they are anything like you there is a good chance they don’t have cable either. Then this official option is certainly not for you.


Stream Cinemax Live with Sling TV

Sling TV is the best official option because it’s cheap and they stream in HD. A measly $20 a month buys you access to Cinemax online and numerous other channels such as HBO. Sling TV also slings over a 7-day free trial, similar to how a drug dealer throws some free coke your way. Click here to sign up and start watching sling on your computer and smart phones.

Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days

Live Stream Cinemax with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is another big name service which enables fans of Cinemax shows to live stream the channel via their apps for iOS and Android devices. While the service starts at $35 a month with free streaming, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium bundle to get Cinemax and other premium channels. That said its still way cheaper than regular cable and a lot more flexible. So, unless you’re a minimum wage working millennial, you can watch Cinemax on the go!


Download Full Cinemax Series Episodes

Another cheap yet pain in the butt way of still grabbing your favorite programs on Cinemax is to download episodes on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. The beauty of downloading is that you don’t have to sit through brain freezing advertisements. The downside is you’ll obviously have to wait for a few hours or 24 hours in some cases for the episodes to be available for download.

You Can Always Pirate Cinemax Shows…or not.

You could also get locked up with hardened criminals for breaching US copyright law. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!!!

That’s right you can find any number of websites that illegally stream channels. So finding Cinemax online is no exception. The only drawback and probably why even someone who’s cheap should reconsider is that you’ll get bombarded with spyware, adware, and popups. So, if this is your work computer, you’re not going to get any work done after watching a few hours.

Cinemax may have gotten greedy but I’d stick with watching Cinemax on Sling TV just because, as a cord-cutter I don’t have cable.