Watch All New ‘X-Files’ Episodes Online Free with Fox Now

The X-Files

Did you tune in after the NFC Championship game this weekend to watch the renewing of the classic 90s sci-fi series ‘The X-Files?’ The rumors circulating are that the ratings from the first two nights have been extremely positive and that FOX is considering perhaps extending the renewal of the series.

For those of you who have missed the first few episodes, great news, you can now watch the episodes online free with no cable subscription. FOX Now normally requires a login to access most of their content via digital stream, but FOX has made an exception for ‘The X-Files’ and from what it sounds like, the series will be free to stream through this new season.

You can check out the list of episodes and watch them here.

No word as to whether or not FOX plans to renew the series quite yet, but, hint hint, the more people that watch it online as well as live, the more likely such a renewal will take place.

Most early reviews of the new season have been positive, saying that the show has stayed true to its 1990s roots. In other words, fans of the original should be pleasantly surprised to see the show’s remake so respectful of its predecessor.

You can watch the new ‘X-Files’ trailer here: