Virtual Reality on YouTube Starts Now

google virtual reality youtube

Ever wanted to stream your favorite viral cat videos in virtual reality? YouTube is working to make this a reality.

The world’s largest video platform is making it easier than ever to upload VR-produced videos, bringing the new medium to the world through their streaming service.

“Using the same tricks that we humans see in the world, VR video gives you a sense of the depth as you look around in every direction.” YouTube reps commented in a blog post.

Google itself has been thinking big when it comes to the future of virtual reality and how it will take shape in our lives here in the near future. It does seem like every major company is investing heavily in the potential opportunities, whether that be media consumption, communication and other potential uses in the brave new world’s current technological advancement.

Watch a news segment on YouTube’s Virtual Reality here:

Google Cardboard already gives Android device users the ability to use a rudimentary headset to turn their mobile devices into a VR-machine. It should come as no surprise that Google would be frontrunning alongside Facebook in this new platform, as virtual reality certainly seems poised to make some major moves in the coming years. To think about having a captivated user in a world just ripe for visual content displays, it doesn’t take a genius marketer to realize the monetization potential available with the development of virtual reality.

What are your thoughts? Is virtual reality poised to make some major advancements? Is it just going to be a toy? Let us know in the comments.