The Punisher Season Two Premiere Date Set for January 2019 – But Fans Are Nervous About a Cancellation

Netflix has just announced that ‘The Punisher’ season two will release on their service January 2019. 

But could this be the last premiere for the once-untouchable Marvel/Netflix relationship?

‘The Punisher’ season one found an audience and positive critical reception upon release, but having seen several other Marvel shows, including the wildly popular ‘Daredevil,’ cancelled, its future seems at risk of the same fate.

Netflix relies heavily on their own proprietary viewership data to make decisions when it comes to renewals and cancellations. But with Disney planning on launching their own streaming service in 2019, Marvel shows built up on Netflix are being killed in rapid succession. Rumors are circulating that Netflix and Marvel’s deal will completely fall apart as Disney tries to grow their own intellectual property with the launch of their service.

Disney has no plans to continue the cancelled Netflix shows, likely for legal reasons, but as of right now has not released any news regarding what types of shows they are planning to create for Disney+.

Some of the shows like ‘Iron Fist’ struggled to find success, but when Netflix announced the surprised cancellation of ‘Daredevil,’ a show that was supposedly at one point one of the most-watched shows on the service, nothing felt sacred from the ax of cancellations.

‘The Punisher’ is definitely the grittiest of all the Marvel/Netflix shows, with many people commenting on the gratuitous violence of the show’s first season, but regardless, public sentiment toward the show had been positive. At this time, fans are expressing their nervousness that Netflix will probably announce the show’s cancellation following the premiere of season two in January.