Spotify is the Next Big Player to Enter Streaming Video Space


Come one, come all!  The streaming video space is the next big gold rush and why wouldn’t Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, want to get in on the game? On Wednesday the company announced an expansion into not only video streaming but original content as well.  The company is looking to finally turn a profit in the near future.

It isn’t clear what type of content Spotify will be streaming. Music videos seem like an easy fit.  But their CEO Daniel Ek said that Spotify is partnering with “Major US Networks”, BBC, VICE media and Adult Swim.  We’ll see what actually comes out of those relationships.

Are you a Spotify subscriber already? Do you want more out of your subscription in terms of video and other content?  Let’s just hope that doesn’t mean increased prices for music lovers.

And what do they mean by “original video content”?  Are we talking “House of Cards” style content or simply video-casts and interviews with musicians?  The company said they will suggest video based on their listening habits so much of the content will probably be music-based.

The platform will be available immediately in the US, Britain, Germany and Sweden and will roll out to other countries later.

“It’s the biggest change since the inception of sound recording,” Ek, Spotify CEO said.

Ok, man. Let’s not go overboard, shall we?

Are you interested in video via Spotify?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.