REPORT: Here are the Top 10 Shows on Netflix Everyone Uses to Fall Asleep

Last year we ran a report and found that the number of people who use Netflix to fall asleep had doubled, from roughly 5% in years previous to 10.2% of survey respondents saying they now use Netflix to help them sleep.

Over the last several months we ran a survey to determine what shows people were watching (or keeping on as background noise) while lying in bed trying to sleep. Below you will find the 10 most popular shows ranked by how many of the 1,095 US-based respondents said it’s their favorite show when it comes to getting some ZZZs.

Here is the data:

Title % who use it to fall asleep
The Office 13.7%
Planet Earth 10.5%
Friends 8.1%
Gilmore Girls 8.0%
Parks and Rec 7.6%
Cooking shows 7.5%
BoJack Horseman 6.9%
Arrested Development 5.6%
The West Wing 5.1%
Mad Men 4.8%
Other 22.2%

10) Mad Men – 4.8%

Maybe it’s the nostalgia, the setting, or the soothing voice of Don Draper pitching clients, 4.8% of respondents said that Mad Men was their go-to when it came to knocking themselves out.

9) The West Wing – 5.1%

With all the political turmoil of the past few years, our guess here is people enjoy a fantasy of a functioning, albeit still dramatic, political system. It probably helps ease a little of the existential anxiety that might be keeping us all up at night.

8) Arrested Development – 5.6%

One of the easiest shows to pop on and enjoy a train of call-back jokes throughout the show’s seasons. We’re still waiting on that fifth season that keeps getting promised though, Netflix…

7) BoJack Horseman – 6.9%

Disguised in a cartoon wrapping, BoJack Horseman feels like one of the more “how everyone is actually feeling inside their heads” relatable shows on Netflix, so it probably helps to feel comforted by a washed-up horse celebrity as he battles with himself and the anxieties of life right before bed. If anything to make us feel less alone.

6) Assorted Cooking Shows – 7.5%

While there was a big mix of what cooking shows people enjoyed watching (The Great British Bake Off and Chef’s Table topped the list), there is something so peaceful about watching masters (or wannabe masters) in the kitchen.

5) Parks and Rec – 7.6%

A show full of optimism, Leslie Knope might be one of TV’s best characters when it comes to positive vibes. Another show that you can pop into almost any episode and feel better at the end (RIP Lil Sebastian).

4) Gilmore Girls – 8%

Nostalgia brings the comfort of a warm bed to a new level and Gilmore Girls offers just that. The show’s storybook feel and characters allow all its viewers a chance to go back just barely in time and enjoy a show we all grew up loving.

3) Friends – 8.1%

Along the lines of Seinfeld, the cast of Friends became our own social circle over its long, successful run. To have access to the complete series all in one place makes this one of the easiest shows to put on and relax.

2) Planet Earth – 10.5%

We’re not sure if it’s the beautiful visuals or the soothing narration of David Attenborough, but putting on Planet Earth offers some of the most stunning scenes and audio when trying to get a good night’s rest.

1) The Office – 13.7%

When we set out with this survey, we were 99% certain The Office was going to top the list. The intro song alone, like some sort of Pavlovian response, immediately puts the mind in a good place. The familiar, but oh-so-awkward when he’s talking, voice of Michael Scott, Dwight’s ridiculous but lovable antics, the early tormented relationship of Jim and Pam, Creed being Creed, The Office is a flagship show for Netflix, and no matter how many times we’ve watched it, it never fails to put us in a better place.