Pornhub Launches Unlimited Streaming Platform at $9.99 per Month


There are several frontiers left to conquer in the digital streaming world. One would have thought that the.. ahem… adult wellness industry would have led the way as they have with so many other aspects of the internet. Pornhub, one of the largest players in the game today announced a subscription streaming service that will be made available across all devices for the price of about ten bucks per month.

Pornhub’s VP had this to say about the big thrust into the streaming game:

“For us, the benefit is establishing ourselves as the official ‘Netflix’ of porn. We want to carve out our own niche in the streaming ecosystem. No other companies have really come out on the forefront of this vertical of streaming service. So yes, part of it is a branding power play, but this is also about showcasing our capacity for innovation and staying on the cutting edge of current tech trends – showing people we can adapt.”

I’m sure the words “The Netflix of Porn” are emblazoned across a whiteboard or two in the offices of Pornhub. Lofty goals but the field is certainly wide open as there isn’t a major company in this particular market that one would reference to as a leader.  But will people pay the ten dollars for access to a product most people are used to getting for free? Spotify and Netflix succeeded but is porn different? They’ll need to come at this problem with “convenience” as a central concept which is what made both of those aforementioned companies a success.  PH also promises higher quality, 1080p video.. you know.. the good stuff.

If they’re looking for some nice compression software we hear Pied Piper LLC is available.

Oh, and good luck getting your app approved by the Apple app store, Pornhub!