Orphan Black streaming for free on Amazon Instant Video on Friday

orphan black free on amazon prime

Sci-Fi smash hit Orphan Black has seen an exponential increase in its audience over the past year, as the show has started to hit a critical mass of fans.

For those of you who are still sitting in the dark, Orphan Black will be free to stream on Amazon Instant Video this Friday, which might not seem like much time, but we’re willing to bet if you sit down and start streaming the first few episodes, you’ll likely end up binge watching a good portion of the first season’s 10 episodes.

Likely a play to encourage more Amazon Instant Video trials, Amazon couldn’t have picked a better series, as the compelling story line won’t sit easy if you only start the first few episodes on Friday. I’m pretty certain you’ll want to finish the first two seasons, both exclusively screaming on Amazon. In other words, don’t hold your breath for Orphan Black on Netflix or Hulu anytime soon if you’re looking for just a taste this weekend.

The Verge broke the news this morning, I’ll be keeping an eye on social this weekend to see if there’s a major uptick in folks talking about the hit Canadian series.

Watch the Orphan Black trailer below: