Netflix to Produce Mob-Themed Italian Original ‘Suburra’

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Netflix has just signed a deal with the creators of Gomorrah the TV series for a 10 episode original series ‘Suburra’ a mob-themed crime series set to stream in 2017.

The film will feature an intense battle over a Roman seaside town being developed into a Casino haven. The show will be focused on the politics, the money and the crime that comes common with mob stories but with some talent behind the writing and cameras, we’re certainly interested in Netflix’s take on such a series.

There’s sort of a confusing release schedule planned for ‘Suburra’ related content, but as far as we can tell, Netflix is going to release an Italian film in North and Latin America this October 14th, the actual show won’t release until 2017.

‘Suburra’ is based loosely on a novel of the same name, authors Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini had this to say: “Our novel is a journey into the black heart of Rome, uncovering and bringing to light many of the current scandals, well in advance of their making headlines in the international press, from the New York Times to the BBC to the Guardian. Now, thanks to Stefano Sollima’s feature, to Netflix and to Cattleya we are happy to know that our investigation will reach an even larger global audience.””

Interestingly, this is a reverse from what we most commonly see, a television show then becoming a movie, instead flipping the pattern into “how about a movie first, then we’ll run a television show of the same theme.”

Regardless of the order, we’ll be excited to get an early glimpse into the series with the upcoming film release.