Netflix Original Movie ‘Roma’ Bags The Streaming Service Their First Oscar Nomination

Netflix has won plenty of awards for their television shows, from Emmys to People’s Choice Awards, and just about everything else TV-related.

But for the past five years their original movies have been mostly snubbed by award ceremonies, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, for fairly good reason. Netflix has not put the same quality control on their original film releases as they have for past TV shows. That’s not to say their movies haven’t been fun, but fun rarely equates to Oscar-worthy.

This past year, though, Netflix changed that with the release of art film ‘Roma.’ The film, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, has just been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, alongside nine other nominations, making it the most decorated original movie released by Netflix to-date.

While Netflix has seen commercial success with many of their movies, this is the first time one of their movies has received such a high critical response. Their library of original Adam Sandler movies have brought in far more viewers, but a film like Roma brings with it a certain panache that commercial success can’t buy.

It will be interesting to see if Netflix will focus on more award-quality films like Roma in the coming years. Do award nominations turn into more viewers? We’ll have to wait and see.