Netflix and Marvel Series ‘Jessica Jones’ Wins First Emmy for Comic Company

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Streaming services continue to take chunks of out traditional television, first with subscriber numbers and our precious attention. And as of late, with major awards.

Netflix original series ‘Jessica Jones’ just won Marvel its first Emmy for a television series, as the first season of the show locked up victory this week, a big win for the series, for Netflix and for Marvel as well. The series was nominated and won Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music at the Creative Arts Emmys, as reported by Marvel.

While the award itself might not be up there with Best New Drama series or anything along those lines, the award still marks a first for the comic company, and adds another press-worthy note to Netflix’s run at producing original shows.

Netflix and Marvel have had a very fruitful relationship thus far, first with the spectacular ‘Daredevil’ then ‘Jessica Jones’ and the soon-to-release ‘Luke Cage.’ There’s no doubt that the two entertainment giants are going to find ways to creatively build this compatibility out further in the coming ¬†years.

Critical acclaim for the Marvel/Netflix shows thus far have proven that quality production matters in our comic entertainment, and it’s clear that Netflix isn’t interested in hosting any weaker content in that regard.