Most Popular Streaming Devices? Roku Leads the Way

Streaming hardware is becoming the norm, or so it seems, relative to cable boxes and other traditional cable accessories. ComScore just recently released their numbers surveying home owners on what streaming device they have in their homes, and the results were pretty surprising.

We would have assumed Apple TV or Google Chromecast would have been leading the way, but it turns out Roku is dominating and it’s not even really that close. See the graph below:

We were shocked to see the numbers basically flipped on what we would have thought is true. While it makes sense that Roku and Amazon would both be in the lead when stick were taken into account, and Apple doesn’t have any such device, at least not yet, we still didn’t think it would be this far apart.

Apple has long stated they have intentions to broaden their television offerings, as streaming TV has become the new normal. Regardless, they certainly have some room to grow when it comes to getting their device into US households.

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