Meet ‘Feerless’ – The App That Warns Netflix Subscribers with PTSD of Triggering Moments

feerless app

Here’s a really simple yet innovative app we can all use on our web browsers to help those with PTSD feel more secure streaming Netflix, all while simply watching our favorite movies and TV shows.

Feerless is a browser extension that gives all Netflix subscribers who suffer from PTSD a crowd-sourced warning that an intense scene is about to occur. These trigger warnings show a small circle in the bottom corner of the screen, helping to remove the anxiety that something tense might be coming soon as viewers will know they’ll get a warning in most cases.

From their website:

Not knowing when a potentially triggering moment is coming can lead to anxiety. Feerless removes the unknown by providing you the power to take control of your Netflix experience with simple, non-invasive notification.

PTSD develops after a terrifying ordeal involving physical harm or threat of personal harm. Specific events can trigger flashbacks and often prevent a person from living their life. Learn more about PTSD.

We’re guessing in the future it’ll be possible to see a quick list of how many warnings a particular show or movie has, or perhaps some sort of rating system across the platform, offering lists of movies and TV shows that might contain few intense moments.

The app requires input from Netflix users everywhere, so if you’re looking to help with what seems to be a wonderful project, you can download the Chrome extension here.

You can watch a (rather humorous) product demo from founder Danielle Leong here: