Mad Men season 7A now streaming on Netflix

It might be a personal pet peeve of mine when television shows have their “final season” broken up into two halves. Because really that just makes the first half of the season the second-to-last season, and then the last half is your actual finale.

mad men season 7 on netflix

But not one to split hairs here, I remove my own personal annoyance to announce that Netflix now has Mad Men season 7A available on its streaming service. The timing couldn’t be much better, as AMC is set to start broadcasting the grand finale of the show come early April, so this recent development should give you plenty of time to catch up before it airs.

For those who haven’t started watching Mad Men yet, what the heck is wrong with you?

But seriously, the AMC series is a one of a kind look into the world of early television advertising, as our anti-hero Don Draper, modeled after several ad men of the period, works his way through the glory, headaches, politics and romance of television’s boom. The AMC series quickly became a flagship for the station, alongside Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

mad men season 7a netflix

AMC and Netflix have what seems to be a ridiculously cordial relationship, as execs at both have expressed openly how mutually beneficial their partnership has been. AMC has said the success of many of their shows can at least partially be attributed to Netflix who can give non-viewers the chance to binge-watch their way back into relevancy with live television watchers. Netflix of course benefits the more high quality content it can provide its subscribers.