Looking for Every Netflix Category, and Every Title in Each Category?

Netflix presents titles in a way that they feel is best for each individual user. While this algorithmic sorting can certainly be helpful for those that aren’t necessarily sure what they’re looking to watch, sometimes it’s nice to just see every single title available underneath a specific genre on Netflix.

Well a random internet hero has created a site where you can easily sort every Netflix title by category and see the titles underneath each category. Check out Netflix Codes for an overwhelming selection based on category.

every netflix catalog

The simple interface is a great way when you’re in the mood for a romantic drama or a quirky comedy. We’re not sure how long Netflix will let a site like this exist, as they’ve been pretty tight with their API access meaning third party services don’t normally get access to this information.

Regardless, the tool has already proven useful in our weekend searches for movies and TV shows, and we love the straightforward choice.

Some of us just want to see everything available on Netflix, and a site like this does what Netflix has refused to do thus far.

A lot of rumors have circulated that Netflix intentionally hides every category in order to keep subscribers in the dark with the total title count on Netflix. We reported a few months ago that the Netflix title count has fallen 40% over the past four years, and Netflix definitely wants to keep this information a secret.

Thanks to Netflix Codes, though, we’re now able, at least for now, to see all the categories on Netflix.