How Much Time Have You Spent Binge Watching TV?

Ever wanted to know just how much time you have spent binge watching your favorite TV shows?

What’s that? You don’t want to know? Well too bad, because there’s a tool out there that will add up every second of every show you’ve watched and tell you just exactly how long you’ve spent doing so, and let us warn you, the number isn’t pretty. is pretty simple in principle, all you have to do is start rattling off TV shows you have watched, enter how many seasons of each show you watched, and it spits out an embarrassingly large number showing you how much time you wasted doing so.

how long have I watched tv

The project was created by Alex Cican, a designer, which certainly explains the ridiculously clean interface. We certainly enjoyed playing with this piece of handy work.

So how long was it for us? Goodness gracious like we’d tell you. It got embarrassing REALLY fast as hours turned to days, and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to… well you get the picture. 

At least we’re saving a ton of time not having to watch commercials on Netflix, right?