How Many Subscribers Does Hulu Have? Streaming Service Continues to Grow

While everyone is talking about Netflix all the time, people often forget that Hulu continues to claw into streaming market share.

The Hollywood Reporter reported today that Hulu now has over 28 million subscribers, and is one of the fastest-growing of the services. In the past year alone, the service has jumped 40% in total subscribers.

While it wasn’t specifically reported on, we’re keen to believe that the largest jumps could be coming from their new-ish live streaming option. Hulu launched live television two years ago and as far as we can tell, they seem to be grabbing a considerable amount of market share in that area.

Hulu’s commercial free option, and decreased price ad-supported option could certainly be making a big difference as well.

Now here is the most interesting thing to consider. Hulu is mostly now owned by Disney. Disney is going to be launching Disney+ this year sometime. It is unclear what Disney will be doing with Hulu, but for now reports suggest that it will remain its own independent streaming service.

But will it be neglected by Disney? Will it be eventually rolled into the Disney+ ecosystem? And what will Disney do with the other owners who have minority share of the business?

All of these questions will probably be answered in the next year or so, but we’re super curious to see how it plays out.