HBO’s Hard Knocks Will be Streamable for First Time Ever


It’s been a long time coming for NFL fans who don’t have a traditional cable subscription. Due to licensing agreements with the NFL, HBO has not been able to live stream Hard Knocks, even to those using their proprietary, HBO Go app.  But this year HBO launched HBO Now, a stand alone service that doesn’t require a cable subscription at all.

We’re happy to report that this year, for the first time ever Hard Knocks will be streamable via HBO Now as well as HBO Go. Here’s the official word form the show’s producer, Ken Rodgers:

“A lot of people ask ‘do I have to have HBO to watch Hard Knocks,’ and the answer to that question is yes, but there are multiple ways to see the show. We would love for everyone to tune in for the premiere, starting Tuesday night, August 11th at 9:00 PM central. You can also watch on demand at HBO On Demand, or on your mobile device on HBO GO, and for the first time this year you can watch on HBO NOW, which is a streaming on demand service that does not require a cable subscription. There’s many ways to watch, and we hope everybody will.”

This year Hard Knocks will focus on the Houston Texans (that’s the team with JJ Watt for those unfamiliar).  Here’s a trailer for the newest season:

So if you’re wondering how to watch HBO’s Hard Knocks online, wonder no more. HBO Now offers a 30 day free trial so if you call yourself an NFL fan you owe it to yourself to subscribe and start streaming Hard Knocks anywhere, anytime.

The show starts at 9PM this Tuesday. Can you hear that theme music getting louder?  Get pumped.