‘Fuller House’ is Now Streaming on Netflix, So uh… Go Watch it, or Don’t, We Don’t Care


A lot has been written about the Netflix reboot of 90s classic sitcom ‘Full House’ with most reviews panning the series for not trying very hard or being too ridiculous of a concept to really enjoy.

It might be a good idea for these folks to remind themselves just how “bad” the original series was before trying too hard to hate on the ‘Fuller House’ followup. Netflix themselves came out in light of all the harsh criticisms and said the show wasn’t designed to win any critical awards.

You can now be the judge yourself, with ‘Fuller House’ now streaming on Netflix, so no more reading dozens of think pieces about a piece of television that we never really thought we needed. And we probably still don’t, but that’s ok.

The ‘Fuller House’ remake is probably going to appeal to the nostalgic crowd just fine and maybe that’s good enough for Netflix to be happy with the results. Now will it actually bring new subscribers to the service? No idea. We’re betting it was a quick, fun project for the streaming service, so why not? We highly doubt they dropped a huge budget on this one.

Let’s all just keep it fun on this one.