[EXCLUSIVE] President Obama signs executive order demanding King of the Hill return to Netflix

Update: For all future viewers, please note the April 1st date this was published 

Fans of the show King of the Hill were furious last year when Netflix removed the show from its streaming service.

The public outcry fell on deaf ears for over a year despite fans petitioning, vocalizing their anger on social media and writing strongly worded letters to Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, directly.

king of the hill on netflix

“It’s just surprising to me, that they’d remove the most popular show about propane and propane accessories to ever air on television,” sad one fan, who showed us how he scrolls through every television show on the Netflix home screen to ensure that maybe Netflix hasn’t misspelled the title or accidentally dropped it into the wrong specific category such as “emotional romantic comedies with twist endings.”

“If there has been one major failure I’ll admit to during my presidency, it’s that I allowed King of the Hill to be removed from Netflix.” -President Obama

But today, the first day of April in 2015, President Obama has perhaps made his boldest executive order yet, contacting both Netflix and then Congress directly. His speech, given from The White House Theater, below:

“If there has been one major failure I’ll admit to during my presidency, it’s that I allowed King of the Hill to be removed from Netflix. The time for this moral hijacking has come to an end. The American people have waited too long to freely stream King of the Hill at a time most convenient to them. And if they want to watch ten, maybe 15, episodes in a row, who are we to stop them, this is America after all right?

barack obama king of the hill netflix

Hank Hill represents a little bit of all of us here in this great country. A simple man who perhaps adapts too slowly to necessary social change. And his son? What a perfect representation of our Canadian neighbors to the north. Are we to starve the good people of this continent of this near perfect television show any longer? I just won’t allow it.

In the vein of Ronald Reagan, I stand before you as he did asking for the wall to come down and exclaim, ‘Reed Hastings, START STREAMING THIS SHOW!”

Despite the public’s rallying behind Obama’s statements, congress was much less enthusiastic about the order.

Speaker of the House John Boehner gave a response exclaiming, “Listen, Hank Hill would have almost certainly voted for me and not the president. Therefore, whatever I want, Hank Hill wants, and I personally don’t want anything Obama wants, so I am officially opposed to allowing King of the Hill back onto Netflix. Isn’t that how we should look at this? What would Hank Hill have wanted? Was he a cord cutter? I don’t think so. And this is why I prepared for this myself by recording every episode of King of the Hill on VHS back in the 90s. Personal responsibility, people! Also, freedom.”

john boehner kissing face

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responded, exclaiming “Listen, for the last time, very rarely do I want to remove any content from Netflix. If it were up to me, I’d stream Game of Thrones, King of the Hill, John and Kate Plus Eight, the unreleased season of Firefl…. whoops, not supposed to talk about that, but you get the point! I want to stream everything for you people but sometimes the content owners just don’t want to work with Netflix! What’s so hard about this to understand?!?!”