Does Google Play have podcasts?

“Does Google Play have Serial?”

Ever since the first season of Serial breathed new life into the demand for podcasts, people have been wondering if Google Play has podcasts similar to that of the iTunes library.

does google play have podcasts

A lot of people seem to be perhaps just a little confused as to how they can stream a podcast, with many folks thinking the concept is exclusively an Apple concept and product. The bad news being you can’t specifically search for podcasts directly from the Google Play library. The good news, however is that Google Play has several podcast apps one can download that make it easy to stream podcasts on Android devices.

Here are a few that seem to be highly regarded podcast apps in the Google Play store:

All of these podcast apps seem to have libraries of content available for download and streaming, making them great fits for any Android user. It also appears most will give access to Serial downloads, but you can also find those directly on the Serial website for streaming.

Google Play’s lack of podcasts does seem like a bit of a misstep from Google, as we certainly see this as a medium that will only be gaining in popularity for folks to tell their brilliant stories in the coming years. With Apple’s heavy focus on providing a great marketplace for such content, it will be interesting to see if Google responds.

If you’re looking for some interesting podcasts to listen to, check out WBEZ’s list of podcasts they produce here:

What are your favorite podcasts?