Did Netflix Remove Freaks and Geeks?

netflix removes freaks and geeks


Normally there is a bit more warning before these types of things happen, but nonetheless we’re, at least temporarily, extremely disappointed.

If you were in the middle of watching Freaks and Geeks and noticed it missing today, you’re not alone. Several people have asked us if Netflix had removed the show, and it does appear to be missing from US-based accounts (no word on international regions).

Normally Netflix announces these things toward the end of the month, but none such list has been released yet, so we haven’t heard any word directly from Netflix as to whether or not Freaks and Geeks was going to be removed from the service this October. But seeing as it’s only September 28th, and Freaks and Geeks wasn’t on the September list, this comes as a bit of a surprise.

Are you noticing the series missing from your library as well? There is a chance that Netflix is in talks with show creators to bring the show back and that they’re just under a new contract negotiation, but we haven’t heard anything specific from the service yet. This does happen from time to time though, meaning the show could be back shortly.

You can still watch the pilot episode of the show below: