Community season six premieres March 17th on Yahoo! Screen

The wait is finally over.

Community season six is premiering the first two episodes of its Yahoo! Screen original version of the show tomorrow, March 17th, and fans of the series have just a little treat below to hold them over:

Variety gained exclusive access to the teaser trailer, which boasts some clearly high budget shenanigans that the show’s original fans became accustomed to during its NBC run.

After NBC cancelled the show, fans cried for Netflix or Hulu to pick up the slack and give the show another chance. Tomorrow, two episodes will air before Yahoo! Screens will release a new episode every week. Despite the traditional streaming model, this new release schedule should be interesting, and perhaps encourage other services to move toward a more regular schedule of airing weekly episodes. In other words, this experiment will have a lot of eyeballs from other services.