Comcast to Offer Gigabit Internet Across the US by 2018

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Comcast has no shortage of haters for any number of reasons, but they’re certainly willing to dangle a carrot hanging off of a coax cable in front of potential customers. 

The cable service announced today their intention to roll out 1Gbps internet nationwide, with some areas seeing upwards of 10Gbps offered. In other words, complain all you want about service or pricing, there’s no denying Comcast is ready to compete on speed. 

In an interview with Fierce Cable, the cable giant’s VP of network architecture Robert Howald commented on the new technological developments that will allow such an increase (DOCSIS 3.1 for those interested in diving in a bit deeper). He did however refuse to comment on price, we’re willing to guess “an arm and a leg, perhaps a firstborn child.”

Regardless, in a world where streaming 4K video seamlessly at peak hours is almost a must, Comcast looks ready to rumble with the distant battle cry of Google Fiber’s expansion. Plenty of ground left to cover in the bandwidth wars, with speeds only getting faster and costs only getting lower, no time to rest for any of the major providers.