82% of MoviePass Subscribers Have Gone to a Movie They Never Would Have Directly Paid For

We, like any movie-loving person, are obsessed with MoviePass. And currently we, like most MoviePass subscribers, are part of the problem when it comes to the service’s survival. Tracking along with our use of MoviePass over the last six months, we have on average gone to at least three movies a month, exceeding the $10/month price paid for the card.

However, while we reviewed the list of movies we attended, there were plenty that we thought back on and said, “Yeah, I never would have paid to see that in theaters” (and please, for the sake of the article, set aside Economics 101 and ignore the fact that we’re still paying for the movie, just indirectly through a subscription). With that in mind, we surveyed 1,311 current self-reporting MoviePass subscribers to see if this was a trend among other subscribers.

We asked the following question:

As a subscriber to MoviePass, have you gone to a movie you normally would have ignored?

Yes 82%
No 13%
Not Sure 5%

While theaters are only reporting a slight uptick in foot traffic since MoviePass got popular, there is no denying that there are now more butts in seats of movies that otherwise might not get as much foot traffic. Perhaps the real winner in a world with MoviePass is the box office rake for “bad” movies.

We also asked for commentary on what specific movies people went to see only because they had MoviePass.

“The Overboard remake, Tomb Raider, a few I’m forgetting. They were all pretty terrible. But I love going to movies so who cares. The more movies I go to, the better deal my monthly MoviePass subscription is.”

“I’m pretty sure the only reason Hurricane Heist made it to theaters is because MoviePass existed and the studio was like, yeah, someone will show up to watch this. Still, I love bad movies. There’s no way I would have paid to see this in theaters, but I definitely would have rented it or something.”

“No, I already go to a lot of movies, MoviePass just made it a whole lot cheaper. I haven’t really changed my behavior.”

“I saw Truth or Dare by myself one morning because I had nothing else to do. I am grateful I used MoviePass to see it.”

“Saw I Feel Pretty, the movie with Amy Schumer on a whim, I actually thought it was pretty good. Still wouldn’t have paid for it though.”

“I didn’t even know there was a new Tomb Raider movie, but a friend brought it up. We went and saw it. It was ok.”

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