Why is HBO Now Always Buffering? They’re Trying to Fix It

game of thrones season finale onlineWhile certainly things have gotten a lot better since launch, HBO is investing heavily into making sure they eliminate all buffering issues on their standalone streaming app HBO Now, likely several months ahead of streaming Game of Thrones season six, likely to be the service’s biggest test yet.

VentureBeat is reporting that the premium television service has signed an agreement with Conviva to maximize their ability to stream high quality video as demand ramps up in the spring television season. Conviva currently works with major networks such as CBS and ESPN to help minimize buffering and ensure a clean, crisp delivery of streaming video.

On-demand video, it turns out, is resource intensive, and consumers are starting to expect faster and higher definition streams when streaming. Netflix has invested heavily in 4K video for their originals, and companies like Sling TV that have struggled in the past have heard about it from a very vocal group of angry customers.

How about you, have you had any buffering issues with HBO? Have you noticed it improving much over the past couple months? Let us now in the comments.

  • John Bailey

    Mine buffers constantly, happens more in the evenings than in the day. It’ll work fine for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and then *poof* it stops streaming. I checked the performance monitor in the Windows task manager, and when it’s streaming correctly, I’m seeing about 4-8 Mbps downstream but then it just stops, so it appears to be buffering but it’s just straight not downloading anything. It’s not my internet connection because everything else works. It appears that HBO Now just stops here and there for no apparent reason at all. Definitely not worth paying 15 bucks for. I should’ve just added the damn channel to the DirecTV package and watched it on demand.

    • Denise Herbert

      It happens on demand also.

      • Denise Herbert

        Perhaps everyone should sue HBO.

  • Cat

    Why don’t they just offer an option to watch it in lower resolution?? I could care less if I watch it in HD. I barely notice a difference. Many streaming sites offer that option. It’s the middle of May and GOT is buffering big time. Grrr!!!