WATCH: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season One Now Streaming on Netflix


Another smash hit from the CW, fans have been wondering when the first season of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ would be streaming on Netflix. This weekend fans paying attention to what’s new on Netflix in July might have noticed the news, but just as a reminder, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is now streaming instantly on the service.

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The CW has been absolutely nailing it with comedy and dramedy series as of late, and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ quickly won fans in the first season as the wild and wacky characters, great musical moments, and hilarious writing revealed early and often.

The show follows a young woman as she learns a former crush is moving out of NYC and back to a boring California (read: not on the beach) city. In order to make the move, she ends up having to give up on a major career milestone in order to pursue love.

The show feels more like dark comedy than dramatic rom-com, but the parody is mixed in such a way that that the show has never had a hard time finding a wider audience. With fall soon upon us, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend coming back for a second season, there’s no better time than now to stream the second season of the show.

Watch a first season sneak peek here:

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Mike D

I must admit the initial promo art for that show did it no favors. That pink dress and pink balloon. Just disregard the darned pink dress! It has nothing to do with the show! Really! If they had dressed Bloom/Bunch in simple jeans and a T shirt for that promo shot I predict there would have been no initial ‘backlash’ over the title. And you would’ve been enjoying the show since last October instead of starting now.