REPORT: We Spend More Time Watching Netflix Than Reading, Eating or Having Sex


Time is money and Netflix is cheap entertainment. Have you ever logged the activities in your daily life? It’s amazing how much time we do (or don’t) spend on the things we think are the most important to us. If the numbers below are any indication: Netflix is becoming increasingly important to us.

According to a study from TDGResearch the average subscriber spends about 90 minutes per day watching Netflix. That may innocuous enough but when you compare that time to some of the other activities vying for your attention, it may surprise you to learn that Netflix streaming is starting to take over your life whether you’re aware of it or not. the only thing we do more than Netflix is sleep, work and liesure activities (which would include live streaming NBA games, crochet and watching the Sooners beat Alabama).

Here’s an all-up look at how the average American spends most of their time:


Here are some of the things we do less than watch Netflix each day:

Netflix Supplants Reading

This one is the most obvious of the bunch. Americans are spending less time reading than ever before. Young people are the most guilty while older folks continue to put in quality reading time each day. We’ll have to see what happens in the future as millennials grow up. Will they graduate to reading more often or will they stick with their 90 minutes (or more) of Netflix per day?




49 Minutes 90 Minutes


More Time with Netflix than Our Food

What do Americans love more than food? Well, apparently we’ve gotta have our Netflix time. We’re guessing that some of you do both of these things at the same time so these numbers may be a little conflated. But on the whole, we spend more time in front of the glow of a Netflix screen than we do ingesting life-giving sustenance.




70 Minutes 90 Minutes


More Time with Netflix than Our Cars

We spend a lot of time complaining about our daily commutes but luckily we’re still getting in almost three times as much Netflix time once we make it home. Perhaps some of you are streaming Netflix while you drive. If so, you’re not only confounding the numbers below, you’re endangering your fellow man!  Stop doing this immediately.




33 Minutes 90 Minutes


Showing Netflix More Love Than Our Kids

What’s the most important thing in your life? Most people who have them would say “my children”. This one may cause you to take a step back and rethink your priorities. Or hey, maybe you actually watch Netflix WITH your kids! That counts, right?  Right, kids?  Your father does love you.




25 Minutes 90 Minutes


Netflix is Better Than Sex

Okay, this might be a sensational headline but we do spend significantly more time watching Netflix than the average person does having sex. An average of 7.3 minutes per.. umm.. session– an average of about 90 times per year and we’re not even spending 2 paltry minutes per day with our special someones. Is Netflix better than sex? We’ll leave that determination up to you. But if your time spent is any indication of your preference Netflix wins hands down.

Adult Intimacy



Almost 2 Minutes 90 Minutes

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Seems a bit retarded in that if you watch just one movie, odds are you’ll watch more Netflix than you will spend time eating, even collectively.


[…] Approximately 3.2 million deaths worldwide are attributable to insufficient physical activity. Think about that next time you’re thinking of going on a 5-hour Netflix binge. […]