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Modern Family blends the perfect amount of ridiculousness, comedy and drama, packaged up with amazing characters, witty and well-timed writing.

For those less familiar, The show follows one family in three parts, all with their unique dynamics, but the show relates back to the main point that all families are dysfunctional yet ever so important. It’s hard to nail down one favorite or lead character, as the ensemble cast carries their own weight in different ways.

Phil Dunphy, the ridiculous buffoon, Cameron Tucker the heartfelt dramatic, Jay Pritchett the old school patriarch. Claire Dunphy the perfectionist, Mitchell Pritchett the OCD lawyer, Alex Dunphy the neurotic college applicant… You see where this is going. Each character cast for the show brings something unique to the table.

Fortunately, ABC has offered a few options for streaming Modern Family online. We’ll break it down for you below.

Live Stream Modern Family with an Upgraded Sling TV Account

If you’re looking to live stream ‘Modern Family’ online without a cable subscription, a Sling TV account that includes the ABC package would probably be your best bet. The service makes it pretty easy to stream live TV. If you’re not familiar with what Sling TV is, you can sign up for a one week free trial here and cancel anytime.

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Watch Modern Family with DIRECTV NOW

A DIRECTV NOW subscription will enable you to catchup on all the latest episodes of Modern Family via your mobile device. All you need is to install the service’s app on your device (iOS, Android, Chromecast), and pay $35 for the basic subscription. In addition to streaming ABC, you’ll be able watch a truck load of other channels and programs and all without being constrained to the counch! Get started by trying out the service using the link below!

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Watch Modern Family online

Update 10/15/2015: We added some updates on how to stream Modern Family online as things have updated for the fall season.

Stream Modern Family on Hulu: Currently, you can watch the current season’s episodes of Modern Family on Hulu. With ABC owning parts of Hulu, it makes sense that this partnership will remain strong for a while. Of course we’d like to to see the entire series available on Hulu at some point (hint hint), we’ll take what we can get at this point.

ABC Online: You can watch up to the most recent five episodes on ABC’s website directly for free without an account. While Modern Family isn’t necessarily linear, you can hop in at any point and enjoy an episode. So if you’re looking to get a feel for the show, ABC Online is a great option.

Amazon Instant Video: While they’re not currently free at this time, you can watch Modern family on Amazon Instant Video. The episodes on Amazon cost $1.99 per episode, or you can buy entire reasons for $40. The 20+ episode seasons are great, so you can save a few bucks buying them that way.

iTunes: Similar to Amazon, Modern Family on iTunes will cost a few dollars per episode ($2 for SD, $3 for HD) but every season is available for purchase. While iTunes pairs nicely with Apple TV, be warned it’s difficult to stream from other devices.

Google Play: Modern Family is on Google Play, and is more proof that Google is betting big on its own streaming functionality, making countless shows available for purchase to compete directly with iTunes. Same price point, with episodes starting at $1.99 each.

While fans of yesteryear might remember a time when Modern Family was on Netflix, Netflix removed Modern Family years ago during contract negotiations with ABC that ate up several key titles. No word yet as to whether or not Netflix will bring back Modern Family, but we’ll certainly keep this posted updated if they do.

For the more traditional fans of Modern Family, you can still buy Modern Family DVDs on Amazon. Packed with countless special features, interviews, behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes, these are a great option for those who still prefer to own the physical copy of their favorite TV shows.

Modern Family has won countless awards, including Emmys for best comedy series, along with other awards for best ensemble cast, best writing, and many, many others. The show has also been continually atop the ratings charts over all six seasons. Modern Family has been one of ABC’s most successful comedies to date, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Each season has received critical acclaim, with Metacritic continually showing really high ratings.