CBS-All-Access-LogoIt seems like every television network in the world has their own app these days. CBS was actually one of the first networks to take the full plunge. Today, CBS offers their own stand alone service called CBS All Access. It’s similar to Netflix or HBO Now where you subscribe for a monthly fee and get access to everything the network has to offer. Let’s go through some of the details of the service below.

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How Much Does CBS All Access Cost?

The service is about $6 per month right now. Sometimes services like Netflix and CBS change their pricing on a whim so that number may fluctuate! Usually they grandfather in pricing for longtime customers but be sure to check CBS for the most current price of CBS All Access.


Which Shows do I get ‘Access’ too?

You get all CBS shows that are currently airing and a lot of their old library of show. That means you can watch almost any new show the next day on CBS All Access but you can also fire up an old episode of Star Trek as well, if you’re feeling like it. Here are some of the shows you’ll have access to with CBS All Access:

Code Black
Stephen Colbert Late Show
The Big Bang Theory
Madam Secretary
2 Broke Girls

…and many more!

Does CBS All Access Include Live TV Streaming?

Yes it does! You get all new shows on demand the next day but you also can watch live TV directly from your phone, tablet or smart television. Live streaming CBS has never been easier.

Is there a Commercial-Free CBS All Access Option?

Yep! They announced it in 2016. It’s $9.99 as opposed to $5.99 but that might be worth it to you not to have to watch the same 3 ads over and over and over (looking at you, Hulu/Youtube). ┬áJust choose that option when you sign up for your free trial.

Is there a Free Trial for CBS All Access?


Yes there is! You get a one week free trial for any new subscription to CBS All Access. It’s only six dollars a month after that but it’s great to get a free window where you can make sure their app works on all of your various devices. Chances are, if you’re trying to watch a lot of CBS programming this app will get it done for you.

How do I sign up for CBS All Access?

So glad you asked. Just click here or the image below: