60-minutes-watch-onlineIn times like these the world needs serious journalism. There are few institutions as well respected as 60 Minutes on CBS. One of the first network magazine format news shows, 60 minutes continues to break major stories that no one else is covering. While the long-form journal entry is dying a slow death elsewhere, 60 Minutes is still one of the most watched programs on all of television outside of the NFL.

There are a few different ways to watch 60 Minutes online for free. After all, the show is framed as a public service to the country. Why should you have to pay to stream it online?

Watch CBS Online Free for 30 Days

Is 60 Minutes on Netflix or Hulu?

Neither Netflix nor Hulu have much access to any news programming. They’re trying to change that as of late but for now, 60 Minutes is not available on Netflix or Hulu.

Watch 60 Minutes on CBSNews.com

Probably the easiest way to watch 60 Minutes online is to head over to their official webpage. From there you can watch all of the recent season’s episodes for free! The downside here, though is that you’ll have to watch all of the commercials you would normally on traditional television.

Streaming-60-MinutesThe upside is that you don’t have to download anything to stream 60 minutes from your browser. No location verification or sign-ins, no apps and no payments. 60 Minutes is totally free on CBSNews.com.

Purchase Old Episodes of 60 Minutes on DVD

If you’re not partial to this new-fangled streaming technology you can always grab some of the DVDs from Amazon. Episodes vary from $15 to $30 but maybe you need the episode desperately. This seems quite high for a one hour program to this watcher.

Watch Over 100 Episodes of 60 Minutes with CBS All Access

If you don’t mind paying a little bit you can sign up for CBS All Access at four dollars per month. This  will give you access to almost 150 episodes of 60 Minutes on demand and streaming. You’ll have to download the app and install it but CBS All Access will certainly get you 60 Minutes online for free with that subscription fee.

We hope you’ll support this institution of American journalism by watching 60 minutes through legitimate means. We know it may be tempting to find an illegal live stream of 60 Minutes online for free but since CBS gives you so many legitimate ways to stream the show we’d encourage you to give those a try before pirating the show.  Journalism like this takes money to put together and this show is no different.

So if you’re interested in a world where Buzzfeed dominates the news headlines, feel free to skip 60 Minutes. But if you’re want journalists to do what they do best give this one a stream through CBS’s official channels.