The Alabama Crimson Tide has 865 official wins in the NCAA Division I as of 2015’s season. The team has picked up 29 conference wins out of which 25 were SEC championships and 4 Southern Conference wins. The Crimson Tide has proven to be one hell of a force now leading the SEC West Division with eleven titles and a total of ten appearances through the SEC Championship Game. Also, the Crimson Tide has a winning record against just about every current and previous SEC school, with AP ranking them as 4th. All home games for Alabama are played at the Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama which has a capacity of 101,821 seats and for which still finding a ticket can be near impossible. Plus, Bryant-Denny is the 7th largest non-racing stadium in the US and 10th in the world.

Now that you know everything you ever wanted about Crimson Tide below is how you can live stream their game without coming across as a dork!

Watch Alabama Crimson Tide Online Using the Official Crimson Tide Website

If you are a mega Crimson Tide fan, then the team’s official website is the way to go. The website has loads of information about the team and their game schedule. You can also buy tickets and find out which networks will broadcast the next game. You can also listen to live commentary which is streamed for free. That said there are no live video streams, but you can watch interviews and other team stuff. If you want to live stream a game on your mobile device we have a couple of other options below.


Live Stream Alabama Crimson Tide Online with Sling TV

If you’re a sports fan, you cannot go wrong with Sling TV. The online live streaming service quite literally helps you cut the proverbial cable and stream sports like college football on the go via channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. What’s more is the fact that Sling TV is cheap so freshmen who mostly never have money for anything other than weed can still afford it. In addition to being able to stream Alabama Crimson Tide games, you’ll also be able to live stream other channels such as A&E, Bravo, etc.

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Stream the Alabama Crimson Tide Game Live with CBS All Access

CBS is known to broadcast college football games, but you’ll need to check out the channel’s schedule to figure out if they will be streaming the upcoming or next Crimson Tide game. Once you do, then signup for CBS All Access which is a service allowing people such as yourself to stream the channel live which means you’ll be watching the team play live. Also for $5.99 they throw in tons of other content such as present and past episodes of shows such as Training Day, Kevin Can Wait, etc.

Other Ways of Streaming Crimson Tide Games Live and Free?

If something is live and free, it has to be crappy but if it’s legal and if it’s good then it can’t be free! If you love college football then pay a few dollars to watch it or steal tickets to the game but pirating a live stream might get you in a cell with Big Bubba who loves spending quality time with freshmen!