The Mississippi Choctaws go back and forth with the Mississippi Bulldogs as being the best college football team in that area of the nation.  The Choctaws are the athletic teams of the well-known and reputable Mississippi College. On July 11, 2014, the NCAA approved entering their second year of NCAA Division II candidacy, so this team is starting to get big and get big fast. The Choctaws are working on becoming full members of the Gulf South Conference as well.  This is one of those, “up and coming”, teams, so a lot of people have their eyes on them and want to watch their games.

Find Out Where to Watch the Choctaws on Their Official Website


Obviously, the most direct way to watch this team is with cable TV.  All you have to do is find the network in your area that is showing their games and go from there.  You can find out this information and more by checking out the Choctaws official website.  This has all of the data on where and when to watch the games and which sites stream the games.  The site also has all kinds of other features as well that include but are not limited to player lists, interviews, stats, picks, trades, fan merchandise, projections, recaps, final scores, commentary, future thoughts, blogs, comments, discussions, etc. They regularly play on the GSC network, which is hard to come by online!

Sling TV is a Great Alternative to Cable, Live Stream Special Choctaw Football Games

Sick of cable?  Sling TV is a great manifestation of the future of watching television.  This site is a streaming website that works directly with Pac 12 Network, SEC Network, ESPNU, ESPN, ESPN 1&2, Fox Sports 1&2, etc. to bring you all of the exciting college football action.  Want high quality, high definition streamed games of the Mississippi College Choctaws at a fraction of the cost of a cable TV subscription?  This is where to get it if they’re playing on one of those networks we mentioned or in the playoffs.  Plus, this service can be accessed from your smart TV, mobile device, tablet, or computer.  Also, they have a seven-day free trial to sweeten the pot.

Try Sling Now Free for 7 Days

CBS All Access Often has College Football Live

CBS All Access is another great way to stream college football games.  CBS is ahead of the other networks when it comes to streaming the same shows that they have on their cable program.  They offer not only the games you are wanting to watch but other content as well for about 6 bucks a month.  While CBS tends to broadcast many of the games, be sure to check the schedule to verify that they are streaming the next Choctaws game before using All Access.

Why You Need to Avoid Pirated Sites if You’re a Real Mississippi Choctaw Fan

Pirated websites that promise HD streaming are dangerous.  Obviously, they are illegal, but they also have all kinds of viruses and malware that can cause you and your streaming device problems.  Many of them even require you to give personal information or download some virus ridden software before you can access the stream.  All in all these sites are bad news bears and should be avoided.  It’s better to just support your team by watching their games on an official and authorized site.