Go green!  We’ve all heard of the Michigan State Spartans football program that represents Michigan State University in college football.  The Spartans are members of the holy, “Big Ten Conference”. Michigan State claims a total of six national championships altogether, (1951, 1952, 1955, 1957, 1965, and 1966).  The Spartans have also won two Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association championships as well, (1903 and 1905) and nine Big Ten championships (1953, 1965, 1966, 1978, 1987, 1990, 2010, 2013, and 2015).  Here’s to hoping they do well this year too!

The Spartans home games are played at Spartan Stadium, which is located on the main university campus for MSU. Spartan Stadium has ranked among the NCAA’s Top 25 in attendance for 59 consecutive seasons back to back, from 1953 through 2014. The Spartans’ current coach, Mark Dantonio was hired on November 27, 2006, and has brought the team up to par since then. The team’s iconic Spartan helmet logo has been ranked as one of the game’s best by far.

All the Streaming Details on the Spartans on Their Official Website


You can’t go wrong with the Spartan’s official website.  While you can’t stream an actual game there, they have options for places you can, ticket prices, game schedules, and details on which networks will be showing their games.  You can also find details on the players, the team’s stats, schedules, final scores, picks, trades, interviews, and more goodies. Most pertinent, you can find out what channel the game is streaming on! Looks like most games are on Big Ten Network.

Sling TV Offers a Great Option for Live Streaming Michigan State

Sling TV is a revolutionary way to watch college football.  Sling TV lets you pick between cable and online streaming.  Sling is much cheaper too, something anyone who loves the Spartans can afford, whereas cable prices can be iffier.  Sling TV brings the heat by allowing viewers to stream any Spartans game they want, all in HD too!  Sling TV sweetens the deal further by offering a seven-day free trial and plenty of other TV shows to watch too. They’ve got Pac 12 Network and SEC Network but Big Ten Network isn’t on Sling just yet but it probably will be in the future. It’s on Playstation Vue for sure!

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CBS All Access has Viewing Options for Certain Teams

CBS offers another option.  While they do not stream all of the college football teams, they do stream several of them. You can check on CBS’s website to find out.  CBS’s All Access program allows you to sign up for the program and be able to stream your favorite college team playing a game right from the CBS website. Try CBS College Sports Live for access to most popular school streams (Michigan State is one of them!).

Real Michigan State Fans Keep Away from Illegal Sites

As tempting as getting something for free is, it’s not worth it to mess around with illegal sites.  These sites are bad news bears and will undoubtedly throw all kinds of viruses, bugs, and malware at your computer.  It’s best to just stay away from them and avoid the legal repercussions.  Furthermore, when you pay a small fee to stream your team, you’re actually supporting that team, something true fans of the Michigan State Spartans love doing for their teams here and there.