The Northwestern Wildcats football team is a steadfast and consistent football team representing Northwestern University.  The college football team is a member of the Big Ten Conference, with evidence of organization as far back as 1876. The mascot is the Wildcat, a term coined by a Chicago Tribune reporter in 1924, after reporting on a football game where the players appeared as “a purple wall of wildcats.” Obviously, the name and the idea stuck.  Northwestern achieved an all-time high rank of No. 1 during the 1936 and 1962 seasons, then plummeted to extended levels of futility from the mid-1970s to 1994 sadly enough.  Recent years have been far kinder to the Wildcats, though, who have won three Big Ten championships or co-championships since 1995, and have been “bowl eligible” six out of the last seven seasons.  They’ve really made a turnaround, and now a lot of people want to watch their games and get in on the action.

Check Out Northwestern Football’s Official Website for Schedule and Channels


The best place to start is to find out which networks are broadcasting the actual games that this team plays in.  This changes game to game so you have to keep an eye on it.  To make it easier, it’s best to check out the team’s official website.  This is where you can see all of the data you could ever want to see on the team’s schedule of where they’re playing, who they’re playing, and on which networks it will be shown.  This site also has all kinds of other features too like player lists, interviews, stats, picks, trades, fan merchandise, projections, recaps, final scores, commentary, etc. They play on the Big Ten Network and sometimes ESPNU as well.

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Sling TV Offers Live Streaming of Northwestern Football Games

Want to sever the “cable” so to speak?  (Pun intended).  Sling TV is a great way to go.  For a cheap, monthly subscription, you can stream all of the college football content you want on the internet, all live, and all in High Definition from your mobile device, tablet, computer, or smart TV.  This is a great alternative to cable TV because not only can you watch all of your college football, but it offers other content as well.  Sling TV hosts networks like: Pac 12, SEC Channel for college football but also cool channels like AMC, Bravo and HGTV as well for $20.

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Check out CBS All Access for Streaming the Northwestern Game

CBS All Access is an app that can be used to stream all of the content that is shown on their network.  Many college football games are shown on CBS, but not all of them, so you’ll need to double check the schedule to make sure that they will be streaming the Wildcats game when using it.  CBS All Access streams completely in HD and costs only 6 bucks a month, so head on over to their website and check it out.

Keep Away from Illegal Sites if You’re a True Wildcat

Illegal, pirated, “free” sites are tempting but basically dangerous and not worth it. These sites will be a whole heck of a lot more trouble than they are worth by far, and it’s best to just stay away from them.  Not only are they illegal, but many of them require you to give personal information or download some virus ridden software to even view the stream.  It’s best to support your team by going with an official, authorized streaming site.