The ever classy and successful LSU Tigers football team, also known as the “Fighting Tigers”, represents Louisiana State University in our favorite sport of good old fashioned American football. The Tigers compete in both Football Bowl Subdivision of the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference alike. LSU infamously ended the 2015 season with no less than a whopping 770 victories, the 12th most in Division I FBS NCAA entire history, and the 4th most of any SEC team, behind just Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. The Tigers also have the 11th highest winning percentage among teams with at least 1,000 games played total.  This is a team for the record books!

LSU really does deserve the adjective, “Fighting”, as a part of their title.  This team has had great scores and great statistics throughout their years.  Some seasons for this team have been so good that other teams have grimaced at the thought of playing against them.

Check Out the LSU Tigers’ Main, Official Website for All the Streaming Options


Any hardcore LSU fan knows the best place to go for anything and everything having to do with the Fighting Tigers is the main website.  This site has all kinds of goodies that will make any LSU fan salivate.  Their main website has schedules for the team, players, trades, picks, stats, final scores, fan merchandise, game recaps, projections, interviews, and more. Their schedule page will tell you whether they play on ESPN, ABC, SECN or CBS. Sling has all of those for $20 and no commitment! (See below)

Live Stream the LSU Football Game with Sling

Wanna stream the Tigers for free in HD?  Sling TV is the first place to go.  This is a great alternative to cable. For one thing, they have the best options and the best selection for streaming college football like ESPN, SEC Network and Pac 12 Network.  Second of all, they have loads of other material and content as they stream multiple different networks.  Finally, they do a great, seven-day trial where you can stream as much as you want, for free!  Plus, did we mention HD?  We did, but seriously, HD content for free?  Get outta here! Get this package and you’ll get almost all LSU Football games live for $20 or so.

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CBS Provides a Couple of LSU Streaming Options

CBS offers a similar service that is not free but still has some good options.  It doesn’t have all of the college football teams, but it does have some of them and in HD too.  This is CBS’s new service, CBS All Access. CBS College Sports Live is another streaming service they offer that gets you the top 50 college sports teams streaming (LSU isn’t one of them):

Stay Away from Illegal Sites for the LSU Tigers Game

We get that there’s an appeal to get all of you college football for free.  But remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  With, “Totally free”, sites you have to deal with viruses, malware, identity theft, and bugs.  Plus, did we mention that you can get in legal trouble?  Because you can.  Best to just stick with the legitimate sites that actually help you support the tigers too.