watch-shannara-onlineSome fantasy novels stick with you throughout your teen years and into adulthood. Whether it’s Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or The Sword of Shannara you can’t claim your nerd credentials without knowing some obscure facts about one of these fantasy epics. The Shannara Chronicles tries to recapture that magic for the MTV audience. The bar has been set high for fantasy in recent years with Game of Thrones and LotR leading the way. You can’t just throw up any old show and expect people to eat it up anymore. The Shannara Chronicles will need to meet a certain level of quality it if is to survive.There are several respectible ways to watch MTV and Shannara Chronicles online. Here are a few of them to choose from.Is The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix doesn’t have many MTV shows, let alone those that are very current. The Shannara Chronicles aren’t on Netflix and won’t be for a long time so don’t bother checking.

Hulu does have several MTV shows available for streaming but so far the Shannara Chronicles haven’t shown up in their guide as of yet. It may make it there yet but it’s yet to be seen.

Watch The Shannara Chronicles Online with or the Official App

You can watch new episodes of MTV programs on, including The Shannara Chronicles. Just head over to their official website and get streaming!


The MTV app is also a great option for getting Shannara on the go. Just download it on the iTunes or Google Play store. You’ll have to log in with your parent’s cable credentials to stream Shannara for free that way but you know you already have that ready to go.

Download Full Episodes of Shannara on Your Favorite Streaming Provider

If you can’t figure out how to live stream Shannara via one of the above options you can always wait until it shows up on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play where you can download full episodes for a small fee.

Avoid Pirating The Shannara Chronicles & Using Fake Live Streams

You probably won’t be able to  find a legitimate live stream of The Shannara Chronicles. MTV doesn’t have one and the only way to really get that is to subscribe to cable and using an app like Xfinity to stream Shannara online.

If you do a quick search for a free stream of The Shannara Chronicles online you’ll run into all kinds of malware, viruses and most of the time the stream isn’t actually working anyway! If you can avoid all of the ads, viruses and finally get the stream it probably won’t be in HD anyway. Shannara isn’t the type of show you want to watch in standard definition, online or off.

You also want to make sure you use the official MTV channels to stream Shannara because it also supports the people and companies that made the show possible.

Good luck watching Shannara Chronicles online. Let us know if you have any other methods for getting the job done.

Oh, and be sure to read the book while you wait for new episodes!