Jimmy Kimmel Live is a late-night talk show hosted and created by, well you guessed it “Jimmy Kimmel.” Even though the show has the term ‘live’ in it the fact is it’s taped at 7:30 pm Pacific time. That means what you end up seeing is anything but live, nevertheless, it’s entertaining especially if you have movie star come in for a chat which is usually the case. Produced by Jackhole Productions the show originally debuted on January 26, 2003, and it has aired for longer than the Dick Cavett Show and Politically Incorrect. It is also the longest running late-night talk show in the history of the network with 13 years and counting. It comes in as the fourth longest-running right behind the Conan O’Brien show, Real Time with Bill Maher and the Carson Daly.

If you have a craving for some late night shows but are not allowed to turn on the television because it’s your bed time then here is how to stream the Jimmy Kimmel Live for free.

Live Stream Jimmy Kimmel Live with Sling TV

If you want to live stream Jimmy Kimmel the way its meant to be watched complete with commercials, Sling TV offers you that luxury. Subscribing to Sling TV will cost you just $20 for the basic package which enables you to live stream ABC, CNN, Syfy, Bravo amongst many others. So, you’re getting a lot more than you pay for.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live with AT&T TV NOW

Fans of the show who need to work the graveyard shift can now live stream it on their mobile devices with a AT&T TV NOW subscription. AT&T also throws in zero charges for streaming and you don’t have to signup for a long term commitment either. $35 a month is all you need to start streaming on any device of your choosing except for ancient ones like the Blackberry! Use the link below to signup for a free trial before you pull out your credit card for this one!


Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live Online Using the Official ABC App and Website

ABC has a fantastic, easy to use website and app which serve the same purpose more or less. You can stream Jimmy Kimmel Live online using the ABC app and website regardless of where you are along with other shows such as Body of Proof, Forever 31 amongst many others. However, to be able to stream all of ABC’s content for free you need to be a subscriber, and that means via your local cable service provider. So, if you don’t have cable you can’t live stream any of ABC’s shows for free including Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Streaming Jimmy Kimmel Live on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

If you are a Netflix subscriber, then you’ll have to give either up wanting to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live or switch to some other streaming option. Netflix by the looks of it will never be able to offer you any of ABC’s shows unless of course, the network acquires it.

The alternative to Netflix is Hulu if you want to stream Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, it’s not exactly ‘live’ mainly because Hulu has it around an hour after its aired on ABC. That said the show is not live, to begin with!

If you want to download Jimmy Kimmel Live in HD, then you’re out of luck too. Amazon does not have episodes or seasons of the show. Looks like bad luck for all those download crazy millennials!

Other Ways of Streaming Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nops! There aren’t any other ways of streaming Jimmy Kimmel Live free. As a matter of fact even if you come across a method steer clear of it because you’ll then be implicated in a crime…yes piracy is a crime and can get you some time in prison! Well, probably not but you’ll likely catch a virus or something.