Will These Cancelled Shows Be Picked Up By Netflix or Hulu?

will these shows be on netflix or hulu

The networks have been abuzz this week announcing renewals and cancellations during Upfront Week. We wanted to break down the odds that the following shows cancelled after only their first few early seasons would find new life on either Hulu or Netflix. Get the full recap below.

FOX shows getting cancelled:


Backstrom, starring Rainn Wilson, got cut this week amid low ratings. The show followed the grumpy Backstrom and his non-traditional work as a detective.

Will Netflix pick up Backstrom? Unlikely

Will Hulu pick up Backstrom? Unlikely

The Following

The Following got cancelled this year after a three season run. This one hailed some star power in Kevin Bacon but not enough viewership to keep the show going.

Will Netflix pick up The Following? We’d love to see it, but they already have a marquee detective show in The Killing.

Will Hulu pick up The Following? Unlikely, but it would make a good fit as Hulu could use a solid drama with a big cast.


Gracepoint only got through one season of this murder mystery drama series that just couldn’t reach critical mass.

Will Netflix pick up Gracepoint? Doesn’t necessarily make sense for the service.

Will Hulu pick up Gracepoint? This would make sense for similar reasons for to The Following, but with low viewership and no star power, far less likely.

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kahn couldn’t take her Office fame into its own series, but the show has garnered a decent cult following.

Will Netflix pick up The Mindy Project? No, Hulu has exclusive rights to stream the show.

Will Hulu pick up The Mindy Project? Yes! Hulu is in talks with show producers to add the show to the list of Hulu originals.

Red Band Society

Following the young patients in the Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital, Red Band Society has not been renewed for a second season.

Will Netflix pick up Red Band Society? Unlikely, but the show does have a bit of a cult following, so one of the services could pick it up.

Will Hulu pick up Red Band Society? Could be a solid pickup. The series had the positive reviews needed to drive success, it just never found an audience.


Arguably the most ridiculous premise for a show, Utopia only made it one season before getting cancelled.

Will Netflix pick up Utopia? Not really a “Netflix-style” show.

Will Hulu pick up Utopia? Could be interesting to see Hulu venture into reality TV, but it is also a bit of a stretch to see this actually happen.

ABC shows getting cancelled:


Legal comedy Cristela couldn’t find itself an audience and has been cancelled after only one season.

Will Netflix pick up Cristela? Of most of the ABC shows that have been cancelled, this seems like it would make for a decent fit on Netflix, but is probably not likely to happen due to low ratings.

Will Hulu pick up Cristela? Not a likely acquisition for Hulu with the show’s low ratings.


Forever couldn’t hit with audiences or critics despite its unique premise, resulting in a first season cancellation.

Will Netflix pick up Forever? Unlikely, the numbers just aren’t there.

Will Hulu pick up Forever? Unlikely, same as above, the audience just isn’t there.


ABC gave Resurrection a second season but just couldn’t pick up steam to warrant another season.

Will Netflix pick up Resurrection? Wouldn’t be a bad fit for a good psycho-drama piece to join the Netflix catalog. No word on this happening though.

Will Hulu pick up Resurrection? Not a likely fit, but the show’s concept could make for an interesting addition to Hulu’s library.


Th worst named show of the season, but the actual comedy of the series was actually on point. Unfortunately it couldn’t break the name’s punchline.

Will Netflix pick up Selfie? Not a good fit for the series.

Will Hulu pick up Selfie? There were rumors about this circulating in the blogosphere, but no word since.

The Taste

After three seasons, ABC is giving The Taste the boot. The cooking reality show has seen declining ratings and has not been renewed.

Will Netflix pick up The Taste? It seems Netflix has some interest in food related shows with Chef’s Table, but The Taste doesn’t seem like a Netflix series.

Will Hulu pick up The Taste? Would be an interesting acquisition, as some of Hulu’s most successful content has been cooking reality shows but no word on this one.

NBC shows getting cancelled:

A to Z

Romantic comedy A to Z which showed some promise didn’t get renewed after not being able to find an audience.

Will Netflix pick up A to Z? Doesn’t seem likely as the show couldn’t find a big audience.

Will Hulu pick up A to Z? This one might make sense, but no word from Hulu on this one yet.

About a Boy

One of the more surprising cancellations, About a Boy has not been renewed after a second season.

Will Netflix pick up About a Boy? This would be one we’d love to see, seems like it could make a great addition to their comedy catalog.

Will Hulu pick up About a Boy? Similar to above, it seems like About a Boy has some semblance of a following, might make for an interesting addition to Hulu’s comedy originals.


With a similar feel to The Blacklist, Allegiance couldn’t gain a similar mass audience and has been cancelled after one season.

Will Netflix pick up Allegiance? Despite Netflix having paid a pretty sum for The Blacklist, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in Allegiance.

Will Hulu pick up Allegiance? If Hulu wanted to grab a thriller drama, this would make a decent springboard, but the low viewership might be a turnoff.

Bad Judge

One of the more heavily promoted new NBC shows, Bad Judge couldn’t find much success and has been cancelled after its first season.

Will Netflix pick up Bad Judge? Doesn’t seem likely, the numbers don’t add up for what was a pretty expensive flop for NBC.

Will Hulu pick up Bad Judge? Also likely not in the works due to low numbers.


To be honest it seemed like this show was doing fine through the first half but then there was a rapid decline. NBC certainly had pumped a lot of money into promoting this flop.

Will Netflix pick up Constantine? An interesting idea, but my guess is the show is too expensive for an acquisition like this.

Will Hulu pick up Constantine? With NBC’s stake in Hulu, this almost seems likely, but no word from either side on this.

Marry Me

This one is a personal bummer, as the comedy in this show followed similar wittiness to another cancelled gem Happy Endings.

Will Netflix pick up Marry Me? This would be a great comedy edition, but the low numbers are likely not appealing/

Will Hulu pick up Marry Me? This would be a great addition as well for Hulu, it’d be interesting to see if the streaming audience for this series is considerably bigger than the network viewership.

One Big Happy

Following unique relationship dynamics, One Big Happy just couldn’t get enough viewership to warrant a second season.

Will Netflix pick up One Big Happy? Doesn’t seem likely, the show saw pretty minimal success.

Will Hulu pick up One Big Happy? Also doesn’t seem likely but perhaps a more technologically savvy audience has been streaming this show with relative frequency.

State of Affairs

Another big budget promoted show of NBC’s that got cancelled after one season when audiences didn’t turn up.

Will Netflix pick up State of Affairs? Could be an interesting acquisition but Netflix doesn’t seem in the market for such a series.

Will Hulu pick up State of Affairs? Hulu has been hunting out a lot of acquisitions but no word on this one.

CBS shows being cancelled:

Battle Creek

Battle Creek’s spin on detective shows couldn’t gather the audience needed for renewal and has been cancelled after only one season.

Will Netflix pick up Battle Creek? Very low viewership means the answer on this one is probably not likely.

Will Hulu pick up Battle Creek? The data just probably doesn’t warrant picking this one up anytime in the future.

The McCarthys

CBS’s The McCarthys has been cancelled after only one season due to low viewership.

Will Netflix pick up The McCarthys? The odds on this are pretty low due to low viewership.

Will Hulu pick up The McCarthys? Doesn’t seem likely that Hulu would buy the rights to this one.

The Millers

After two seasons CBS isn’t going to offer an extension for The Millers.

Will Netflix pick up The Millers? Rumor around this one coming to the streaming service to stream the old seasons, but doubtful there will be an order for a new season.

Will Hulu pick up The Millers? The likelihood of this happening is low, with ratings decreasing over time.


Only one season of Stalker and CBS has pulled the plug. This show couldn’t pick up an audience to warrant another season.

Will Netflix pick up Stalker? Odds are pretty low that Netflix would pick up a show with these numbers.

Will Hulu pick up Stalker? This show didn’t reach enough viewership to warrant a pickup for further seasons by the streaming service.

The CW shows getting cancelled:

The Messengers

Arguably the only unsuccessful series on CW right now by viewership standards and market expectations, the show has been cancelled after one season.

Will Netflix pick up The Messengers? They’ll likely grab the first season, but it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll order more seasons.

Will Hulu pick up The Messengers? Also would make an interesting pickup to try and nab some of the success of other CW shows, but the viewership likely isn’t quite there to make this deal worth it.


  • Gracepoint is already a remake of a British ITV show with the same principle actors simple set in a US seaside town. Netflix already carries the original series, again with the same cast, called Broadchruch. I believe it has two seasons. Since it is a British show, keep in mind that they do lots of mini-series, so that may be it for the story. They are also adapting it for France as Malaterra.

    Personally, I am most concerned with Backstrom. That filled the void left by House… now I need something else.

  • Braeden

    Please Hulu or Netflix please oh please bring back the following its such a fantastic show… And I have just watched the SERIES FINALE which almost killed me please bring it back .

  • Braeden

    Please Hulu or Netflix please oh please bring back the following its such a fantastic show… And I have just watched the SERIES FINALE which almost killed me please bring it back . Please you can’t do this it would make me buy hulu or Netflix even more which means more money man/woman haha.

  • DeeDee

    Please Hulu or Netflix bring back Stalker. The way it ended, it is screaming for a 2nd season. It would be nice to see Battle Creek also.

  • Sara

    Please! Please, netflix pick up The Following..it’s a great show and I would continue to watch it! The end of the third season just leaves us hanging..there is so much more the writers can bring to the table!

  • Please pick up stalker. I love this show. Just look at the increase of viewers when it came back on for last 3 episodes . I read a 17% increase. It definitely warrants another season. I would love to see The Following picked up as well.

    • messengers totally rocked! netflix or hulu please pick it up….friday night slot made it difficult on numbers esp before the full first season aired. I am so tired of networks canceling shows i love withput really giving them a chance. I love resurrection too.

  • JimmyD

    Netflix needs to jump on the Following. It’s such a great fit and frankly I think the show should have started there. Netflix is the only service I think capable of doing it any justice as far as production. Get on that and while you’re at it BRING BACK JERICHO AND RE VAMP IT…. What a waste of a great story line !!!!

  • Adrianna

    Netflix better pick up The Following!!!

  • My vote goes to Forever. Not sure why people keep saying there are no fans out there. Steady numbers in the US; good rise with the Live+7 numbers. and then there’s the international contingent 6-7 million people watching the show in France alone. Then there’s the UK and Australia and Spain and etc. Come on Hulu or Netflix! Keep shopping Warner Brothers.


  • Denise Lewis

    Please pick up the following

  • Amanda Keuseman


  • bita

    PLZZZZ give battle creek another chance .

  • Heather

    Please please somebody pick up stalker and the following ! !!

  • Kc

    Please bring back WB’s the Lying Games & the Ringer.. Also The Glades, Jericho, Dexter, State of Affairs, Circle of Eight, Bitten… wB shows the most important

  • Derrinda Wenderoth

    Netflix, Please pick up State of Affairs.

    • Theresa Ciccarelli-Baggetta

      Please Netflix, I agree, pick up State of Affairs! There is a big viewership out there that wants to see this show back on the air

  • Ben Dover


    • One mad old lady

      My heart is still broken when I heard they cut backstorm, they need to older people to run these network, older people have more common sense!!

      • Pissed

        Boy do I agree I wish the ne.
        tworks would guit catering to the internet groups(who needs another vampire show our two dumb waitress shows! Why don,t they try catering to us over fifty group) I really looked forward to backstorm and constanitin

  • Wes

    The following can go in such a great direction. Terrible if it doesn’t continue.

  • Ariel

    I really hope netflix or hulu picks up constantine

    • One mad old lady

      I hope they will also, Friday notes use to be good something to look forward to Constantine and then grimm. Loved constantine

  • Hillary

    I and many others will subscribe to netflix just to watch the following if its picked up. Never saw a show that so many different demographics love.

  • Haley

    Netflix needs to pick up Forever in my opinion, that show is the only show to make me cry for joy.

  • Hemmy

    One of the best tv shows is Forever! This has been cancelled before it ever had a chance1 Please pick this up – it’s different and appeals to so many of us who don’t care for vampires, zombies, dead comeback etc!

  • Ben

    I like the messengers. That gets my vote.

  • Dawn Lomman Mead

    My all time favorite show is the messengers and it was an amazing season I can’t believe they cancelled it I really wish Netflix or Hulu would pick it up

    • Lana Strubel

      I agree, but I’m hoping it’ll be Netflix that picks it up.

  • Jared Lee Marshall

    The messengers,Allegiance,Constantine, and the following were all great shows in my opinion. I can see where the following may have run its course in a sense but there’s so many story lines that it could still go down. Allegiance I just don’t think people gave it a chance. If u watched the whole season it was good. Constantine was a great show especially comic book lovers like myself. I think if it had been on the CW instead of NBC it would have done better like the arrow and the flash. Plus Friday night time slot hurt it as well. I can’t figure out why the messengers didn’t get the viewers on the CW except for again Friday night time slot and people not wanting to follow a Sci first show that deals with the God, the devil, & bible. I also think a lot of times people may miss the pilot or an episode bc of some DVR conflict and some don’t have Internet so they can’t catch up. If not for the Internet this would happen a lot in my home when u have 4 people trying to record different shows and there ends up being a conflict and a show doesn’t get recorded. I’ve had this happen a lot considering I never watch a show until after its records on my DVR these days. I wish they all would get picked up but that won’t happen so if I had to choose I wold like to seesee Constantine and the messengers over the other two even though I’m 3 seasons invested into the following.

    • BJLindsay

      I think it is the religion part of it. I loved Messengers. Constantine should have been on CW to begin with. Just like Supergirl. It was on CBS I think and got canceled after the first season and CW picked it up. They need to stop trying to put the super hero shows on these other networks and leave it to CW and Netflix. I did find a good one on Playstation Network that has a couple seasons called Powers.

  • Jared Lee Marshall

    This is also why I’ve tried to make it a habit not to watch the first season on major networks. They pull the plug way too soon on shows. Except for the CW which is why I was shocked to see the messengers canceled. I also hate to see resurrection canceled. I also thought that was a good show and would like to have a conclusion. However nothing will ever be worse than heroes being canceled and left us all hanging like NBC did years ago.

  • One mad old lady

    I am so sick of these t.v stations canceling t.v show that we 50 or older groups love to watch each week because they have good drama good entertainment some humor just fun to watch like BACKSTORM!!! Who in the hell thinks we like to watch kids with bow and arrows suck blood out each other? I really thought fox had the balls to carry the second season , but no they where nuderd. Then I was hoping nexflex would pick them up like they did with longmire which made me one happy person. Come on nexflex pick up back storm and make your highest watching group happy and give us what we want to watch and where your ads won, t be for pimple cream!!!!!

    • Michael

      I’m Disappointed to see a clever show with brains and wit like Backstrom get cancelled as well….I bet u anything the jokes and punchline went over too many peoples heads! The show was certainly very smart and Rainn Wilson was perfect in the role! 😋

  • Susan Roberts

    I hate it that they cancelled The Messengers! Those idiots, Best new show by far, they never give anything a chance, never.

  • Michael

    WARNING~~~~~may contain spoilers about THE FOLLOWING!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hope Netflix picks up The Following. It was just getting REALLY good….what Ryan was doing *dont wanna spoil but how he’s faking something* and him finding out his girl has bun in the oven makes it fun to watch…..him getting ready to take on that coporate level evil syndicate….. Hmmmmm. Just please pick up Netflix!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • c-annie

    Backstrom is missed every week—-What quality programming. Please bring it back. I think about it all the time. If you don’t know how good it is, go find it and binge. Fantastic.

  • Madeline

    Constantine wasn’t advertised much, so I didn’t even know it existed. I’m watching it now and absolutely love it! It has great ratings on many websites it should definitely be revived.
    Red Band Society is in the same boat as Constantine. Awesome show, but for some illogical reason it was dropped.

    • BJLindsay

      Same with me. I didn’t hear about it until it was canceled. I hear now that it was an expensive production and they spent a lot advertising. I don’t know where they advertised but it wasn’t on TV.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Netflix should do ‘Battle Creek’ season two. Great show, great cast.