The Milwaukee Brewers are admittedly not the most charismatic team, and their win record leaves a lot to be desired. Originally named after Milwaukee’s brewing industry, the Brewers did manage to make it to one World Series in 1982, after beating the California Angels at the ALCS. While things have been up and down for the team this past decade, it appears that fans have stayed loyal. We guess people love backing underdogs which the Brewers could be the poster child for!

Even though none of us are Milwaukee Brewers fans we know many who are and many are millennials who’ve never seen the Brewers make it to the World Series. Which brings us to the reason why most people don’t want to spend money on a cable subscription and rather stream the one off Milwaukee Brewers game online.

Anyone who does not want to spend good money on a team that’s on a losing streak for the most of the decade can stream the Milwaukee Brewers online via the methods below. Though keep in mind the methods described below are not free or even cheap in some cases.

The Official MLB TV Channel and App Get You the Brewers Live

If you want a no fuss way to stream the Milwaukee Brewers online and don’t want to steer too far away from what is officially offered, then MLB TV online is a good choice. Streaming is made possible via the MLB app for iPhones and Android devices. However, to stream the Milwaukee Brewers online, you’ll need to be a subscriber to their TV channel. If not and you’re too poor to pay for their online subscription at $19.99 a month then try your hand at begging from close friends and family.


There is one catch, though! You can’t be in Milwaukee and stream a Brewers’ game. MLB blacks you out because they have a contract with the networks. So, you’re left with two options either don’t use MLB TV or prepare for a road trip a few hours before the game.

Sling TV is a Cable Alternative that Gets you Brewers Games Live

Sling TV is better than the Vue because it’s cheaper and offers wider options for MLB fans. So, in addition to ESPN you also get ESPN2, that has you covered for 90% of all Milwaukee Brewers’ games. Also at just $19.99, it’s a whole lot cheaper given the fact that you can stream across almost any iOS and Android device.

We consider Sling TV to be a millennial’s best friend. Head over there now to check it out and sign up for the free seven day trial.

>> Sign Up for Sling TV and Watch Brewers Games Live for 7 Days Free <<

Watch the Brewers Games Live via DIRECTV NOW

Fans of the Brewers don’t always have the time to be home to watch every game which is a shame. That said DIRECTV NOW allows subscribers to stream the Brewers live and on the go. Thanks to the DIRECTV NOW app for iOS and Android devices you can stream your favorite team with a half decent internet connection. That said AT&T also throws in free data, so you can stream all you want. Starting at $35 a month though we advise that you give it a shot for free via the link below!

>>Get a Seven Day Free Trial to DIRECTV NOW<<

Try Playstation’s Vue for Milwaukee Brewers Games

It may sound like a console, but it’s Sony’s answer to people’s cry for a regular cable alternative for the internet. The Vue is probably one of the better options out there when it comes to quality as well as the ability to stream channels such as ESPN which air all the Brewers games. Though Sony tries to give you the impression that you’ll need a PlayStation console that is not the case. You can use the Vue app to stream the Milwaukee Brewers online on your iOS and Android device.

At $39.99 a month, the Vue is not for broke, trailer trash. But you’ll also not be blacked out if you happen to be in Milwaukee.