The Tampa Bay Lightning is Tampa, Florida’s ice hockey team. Originally established back in 1992, it is a member of the Atlantic Division of the National Hockey League (NHL). However, despite being a relatively new team especially compared to the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators, it has managed to win one Stanley Cup during the 2003-04 season. Many fans of the team refer to it as ‘Bolts’ a nickname that’s so loved that it’s now printed on their jerseys as of late. Most of the team’s home games are played at the Amalie Arena. The Lightning are in a competitive division alongside the Boston BruinsDetroit Red WingsFlorida PanthersMontreal CanadiensOttawa SenatorsSabres and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Whether you’re a Florida native or just like cheering for the underdog the Tampa Bay Lightning does not disappoint just as long as you don’t put real money on the team! That said if you want to watch the team play and don’t have cable or television for that matter than below is how you stream the game online.

Live Stream the Tampa Bay Lightning Online with Sling TV

You can watch the Tampa Bay Lightning whenever they play live via Sling TV! That’s because Sling TV is a service which allows you to stream live television channels like NHL NetworkESPN, Bravo, Syfy, etc. Since ESPN has a long-term deal with the NHL to stream most of their live games, we can bet that you’ll be able to stream of the Lightning’s games. However, if you subscribe to the Sling TV service don’t forget to download and install their app for your iOS, Android, or Chromecast device for that matter. Oh and we almost forgot Sling TV costs just $20 a month.

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Watch the Tampa Bay Lightning Live with DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW enables Tampa Bay Lightning fans and NHL fans in general to live stream games on the go. The service’s app for almost all smart devices including iPhones and XBoxOne ensures that you’re able to stream regardless of where you’re located. Starting at $35 a month you can also stream a whole host of sports channels like ESPN, NHL Network, and Fox Sports. So, you’re not restricted to watching the Lightning play on your phone or tablet PC! Try the service for free via the button below.

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Watch the Tampa Bay Lightning Online Using the Official NHL GameCenter Service

NHL’s GameCenter is one of the best ways to stream the Tampa Bay Lightning online. Even though the service is certainly not free, it is cheaper than other similar official services offered by the NBA for instance. $131.49 a year buys you the privilege of streaming all the pre-season and on-season games. However, if you just follow one team like the Tampa Bay Lightning, then the $100 annual subscription will work for you. Millennials making minimum wage may probably not be able to afford to pay for a yearly subscription in which case the $24.99 a month deal is also an option. That said regardless of the option you choose the GameCenter app for mobile devices allows you to stream on the go!


Stream the Tampa Bay Lightning with the PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is another online streaming service which allows you to cut the proverbial cord. For just $40 a month here too you can stream ESPN 1&2 along with over two dozen channels which are part of the package. Though we tend to think it’s a little more expensive than Sling TV, at the end of the day it’s all about brand name and Sony or the PlayStation brand name is one of the biggest.

Other Ways of Streaming the Tampa Bay Lightning Online for Free

The Tampa Bay Lightning may not be the best team that’s part of the NHL, but you can’t still watch it free online. We strongly advise that you pay to watch it legally or don’t blame us because you used another nefarious method to stream a live game which got you fined or prison time!